Benefits of Large Tibetan Singing Bowls

Benefits of Large Tibetan Singing Bowls


For centuries, large Tibetan singing bowls have been used in mindfulness practices, yoga studios, and Buddhist rituals. The bowls’ popularity, and their reputation for healing through vibrations, first became mainstream in the 90s. Today, large Tibetan singing bowl shops can be found throughout Tibet as well as the world. The productions of these bowls that usually carry an inscription of an image of the Buddha or Tibetan script. In addition to Tibet and Nepal, these large Tibet singing bowls can be found in areas throughout South and Southeast Asia.

Large Tibetan Singing Bowls are most commonly in mindfulness services, such as spas, yoga studios, etc. The vibrations of a large Tibetan singing bowl can result in beneficial changes in the body.These bowls are accredited to reduce stress, "harmonize" cells, and "balance the body's energy system." Many frequent users will also tell you large Tibetan singing bowls can provide stimulation for one’s immune system and produce positive reactions in brain waves.

The bowls are said to date back to the time of Shakyamuni Buddha. The common use of large Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practices is based around the idea that psychedelics can awake purity in the users’ consciousness, and for the purpose of providing enlightenment to any individual looking to increase their spirituality.That’s why large Tibetan singing bowls are the perfect spiritual tool in today’s world where the lifestyles of almost all people have become incredibly fast-paced, and consumers are always on the lookout for a quick-fix for their problems.

Why are Tibetan singing bowls used for meditation?

For a better understanding of the plethora of benefits the user can get from this instrument, you must first understand the subtleties of the vibrations of the large Tibetan singing bowl.

The human body has been created with billions of cells that are essential to help us go about the business of our lives. Every living cell in our bodies has its electric field that causes a frequency of vibrations that occur entirely naturally. Communication in the human body is brought along by chemical as well as vibrational exchanges between our cells, and this creates a harmony in the body, upon which the well-being of every human being depends.

Our cells communicate through interaction with one another, and with the help of frequencies of vibration of other organs, the body as a whole can function in harmony. In addition to this, our cells also interact with our external environment through these very vibrational frequencies.

The research

Research conduct by scientists in the U.S. has been able to unearth evidence with the use of nanotechnology that living cells emanate a kind of squeal like sound, which further strengthens the theory that the cells in our bodies give off vibrations.

The research done on this subject has been groundbreaking and revolutionary for science and the world of medicine.Some scientists believe that in the future, just by listening to the sounds made by the vibrations given off in yourcells make could tell a doctor if you’re healthy or falling ill, sometimes even before any symptoms have occurred.

Imbalances in the body

The implication of this research, then, is that if we can get a thorough understanding of the multi-layered functions of fields of vibrations given off by living cells, we will be able to ever so slightly shift the imbalance in a person’s body to take them to a state of wellbeing once again.

The imbalances that cause illnesses, anxiety, and stress in a lot of us often occur when the vibrations that come with the release of chemicals and hormones cause changes in the body. These imbalances can both come about very fast, and can be short-lived or can last for a long time.

Other reactions in the body that cause imbalances include stress, anxiety, depression, anger, exhaustion, fear, sadness, etc. If these imbalances in the body remain unchecked for too long, they can lead to some serious medical issues.

Our bodies react to any internal and external changes that cause imbalances. The moment the imbalance is recognized, our bodies begin to emit a new vibrational frequency.

When the stimulus is removed, harmony in the body can be achieved naturally, or in other instances, the vibrational field needs some assistance to return to its harmonic self.

How do Tibetan singing bowls play into this?

When a large Tibetan singing bowl has been sounded, it begins to emit a vibrational resonance that flows energetically through every single cell of the body.This field of immense energy determines parts of the body where there are irregular energies in cellular imbalance, and within seconds, the vibrational frequencies are restored this to their natural state of wellness.

In the case of large Tibetan singing bowls, with little too no time and effort spent on your part, you can choose the bowl of your liking and play it. In less than seconds of sounding the bowl, you’ll be able to reap all the amazing benefits of the large Tibetan singing bowl.


What the benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls?

As mentioned above, these singing bowls can be instrumental in helping create balance and harmony in our bodies. Some of the main benefits that large Tibetan Bowls are used for today include:

  • They help reduce stress and anxiety in the user
  • The alleviate negative emotions and help lower blood pressure
  • The circulation and blood flow in our bodies can be regulated through the resonance of the bowls
  • They help with deep relaxation
  • They are commonly used for pain relief
  • They create and connect harmonies in your chakras
  • They help the user achieve mental and emotional clarity
  • They provide aid for the immune system to function well
  • They reduce fibromyalgia and psoriasis in users that sound the bowls during meditation
  • They can help improve the mental health of the user
  • They are often used by professionals during pain therapy
  • They have been shown to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream
  • During mediation rituals, large Tibetan singing bowls stimulate the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin
  • They are shown to ease hypertension

Why you should invest in a Tibetan singing bowl

By reading what we’ve laid out before you above, you are already well informed about the many benefits a large Tibetan singing bowl can have for your well-being and what a tremendous aid they can be in your hectic lifestyles. By investing in a large Tibetan singing bowl, you will not only have this incredible instrument at your service at all hours of the day; you will also be able to save the cost of having to go to professional spas and parlors to avail of the very same services that can be self-administered at home.

So hurry and get your hands on a large Tibetan singing bowl of your choice, and discover the various ways you can incorporate this tool in your daily lives and rid yourself of the stress, anxieties, and worries of your demanding and fast-paced lifestyles.

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