Handmade Beautiful Design Hemp Backpack & Cotton Bags

Handmade Beautiful Design Hemp Backpack & Cotton Bags

Hemp is a cannabis plant that is very similar to Marijuana. In fact, it is often mistaken to be the same as Marijuana, however it is quite different. Hemp is mainly grown for its seeds and fiber, unlike Marijuana which is grown for consumption. Hemp does have other uses as well; for example, is a food source to some extent and useful in paper, oil and textile industries.

Unlike Marijuana, it is legal to grow Hemp and it will not make you high if consumed. It is truly a very versatile plant and hence is popular all over the world.

What is a Hemp backpack?

Bags made from hemp are environmentally sustainable. Such bags are durable and highly resistant to molds. They are also U.V resistant and reusable. A hemp backpack is made using all natural material like pure hemp yarn or fabric. This is mainly found in the Himalayan regions like in Nepal.

The handmade hemp backpacks are often made by villagers using their traditional skills. They make use of the wild, organic, Eco-friendly hemp fabric. All types of bags are produced from hemp like bags, backpacks, rucksacks, wallets, hats, caps, etc. Hemp typically grows in the northern hemisphere and is specially grown for industrial use. The advantage of using hemp is that it is one of the fastest growing plants and also one of the first to be converted into usable fiber over 10,000 years ago.

What makes Hemp backpack & Cotton Bags special?

Using organic handmade hemp bags or cotton bags is beneficial due to several reasons. They are environmental friendly, reusable and also strong. They are a better option compared to plastic, paper and other synthetic materials.

Why Bags are preferred to be manufactured with Pure Hemp?

  • Hemp grows easily and fast and does not require a lot of water to grow either.
  •  It can also be grown organically without any herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.
  •  It is a highly renewable and efficient material.
  • The textile made from hemp is usually very strong, more durable and also biodegradable.
  • The farmers do not make use of pesticides or herbicides when growing hemp; hence the soil is not affected and is always ready for crop rotation.
  • Pure hemp bags have the ability stop up to 95% of the sun's UV rays. This makes it 5 times stronger than cotton.
  • It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • The growing of hemp does not require a lot of rainfall hence it is possible to grow it even in a drought condition. Growing this does not require a lot of effort since it requires minimal irrigation. It grows very fast with 3 to 4 yields a year.
  • Farmers do not require a very large area to grow hemp as well. Hence it is possible to grow 4 to 10 times more fiber per acre compared to trees.
  • Besides not draining the soil of its resources, Hemp is also good for the soil since it helps remove toxins and prevent erosion.
Advantages of Using Cotton Bags:
  • Bags made from cotton are a great deal more sustainable.
  • They are a good alternative to plastic bags.
  • It is easy to reuse as well.
  • Such bags are easy to manufacture and create a smaller impact on the environment.
  • They use less amount of water, energy and oil.
  • Farmers do not make use of any pesticides to grow cotton either.

Thus, there are many advantages of using hemp and cotton products. The fact that they do not destroy the soil makes it possible to reuse the soil faster. It also conserves resources, helps save the environment and reduces pollution.

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