Stunning Picturesque Authentic Handmade Products in Nepal

Stunning Picturesque Authentic Handmade Products in Nepal


In today’s competitive market, everyone loves a good deal. Who wouldn’t mind splurging over an unbelievable bargain?  But consumers and shoppers these days are more conscious than ever. There is more than just “price” that comes under consideration when people shop. People don’t want to simply shop for what they need. They want to shop for it ethically and sustainably. This growing crowd of conscious shoppers wants to support small businesses along with the creative and hardworking artisans backing them.

Mass produced goods are prepared in large quantities using machines from the beginning until the end while handmade products are crafted carefully by hand.

Here are 5 reasons why handmade products are better than mass-produced ones.


Originality in designs: Each handmade product is individually crafted by hand which means it takes longer to produce a handmade item than a machine made one. As these handmade products require quite some time for preparation, they are generally produced in lesser quantities as opposed to the machine-made ones. This means that handcrafted goods are rarer and more unique. Also, no matter how similar each handmade product is they will never be an exact same and so each one is exclusive and stands out in its own way.

Flexible customization: Handmade offers greater flexibility to customize goods as per ones need. You can choose your own materials, design, and finishing. Machine-made goods require you to produce things in large quantitates leaving one with little room to custom craft everyone. Handmade products can be made individually and such can be tailored as required.

Superiority in quality: Handmade products have superior quality as things are prepared in small quantities. It is easier to inspect all the produced goods. Also, the craftsmen put great effort in their work and aim for utmost perfection as the goods represent them and its impeccable quality is a reflection of their work.

Mass produced goods are cheaper and can turn out to be an amazing deal. But shopping for handmade products helps to support smaller business owners who are backed by artisans who support their families. The artisans also make use of local resources and more efficiently and so are more environment-friendly. So, the next time you shop just remember you can make a difference with every purchase.

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