How to Choose the Right Incense Stick?

How to Choose the Right Incense Stick?

Everyone loves to adore the aroma of the incense sticks. The whiff of the incense sticks bestows peace and purity in the body producing a scent that is truly mesmerizing and is also used for specific purposes. Incense sticks are nowadays available in varieties that have an overpowering aroma. They are used for different purposes that include meditation, any spiritual practice, household or simply feeling calm.

It is rightly said that the incense sticks helps to clear away the stuck of negative energy, purifying with stuck vibrational patterns.  There are many types of incense available in the market having a different general as well as medicinal uses.

Following shows with the different types of incense sticks offered by Best Himalaya with different uses -

Vajrayogini Incense -

Vajrayogini Incense stick is handmade harvested from Himalayan herbs, resins, oil and spices with help of traditional methods and formulae. These incense sticks are used in ceremonies, everyday use that helps to purify the environment creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere. It also helps to clear your mind giving relaxation as well as promotes positive thought and thinking.

Zambala Tibetan Incense -

According to the ancient Tibetan scriptures, Zamabala Tibetan Incense is been formulated. It is been considered as perfect for meditation, relaxation, calming your mind and stimulating your spirits. Zambala Tibetan incense helps to develop inner happiness and can also be used as offering to Zambala, Buddha of wealth.

Padmasambhava Incense -

Traditionally, Padmasambhava Incense is offered to Guru Padmasambhava during prayers so as to request him to fulfill the wishes. It is used in daily prayers, meditation session that leaves a fulfilling smell with its beautiful soft lingering fragrance protecting from negative energy. These incense sticks are made of ingredients that include sandalwood, medicinal herbs, as well as precious stones like turquoise, coral and gold.

Kuru Kulle Healing Incense –

Kuru Kulle Incense is been made naturally from pure medicinal herbal plants and is prepared according to the traditional method and recipes based on ancient texts.  The mild fragrance of Kuru Kulle Healing Incense is used to get relief from stress and tension making feel more relaxed and stress-free. The slight scent of this incense helps to promote good feelings and fills the environment with positive and peaceful energy.

Kalachakra Incense -

Kalachakra Incense is made naturally by high flavored medicinal herbs and other precious substances. The Kalachakra incense is richer and of superior quality as compared to other incenses due to its combination of genuine scented substances. It is generally been used for pooja offering and purification as well as used as air freshener. This incense makes the surrounding flavored with its good scent.
Along with this best Himalaya offers a variety of incense sticks that includes Mahakala Incense, Sandalwood Dhoop, Tara Incense, Chenrezig Incense Sticks, Spiritual Guide Incense, Milarepa Incense and many more varieties of incense sticks. All the incense sticks differ with the quality, properties, functionality as well as the uses. Also get acquainted with our other products like singing bowls, bags, prayer flag, other ritual items and many more.

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