Prayer Wheel - Facts that Fascinates Ignorant

Prayer Wheel - Facts that Fascinates Ignorant

Amidst our busy schedules, political turbulence, and global calamity we often lose touch and interest in our spiritual lives. As depressing as it sounds, it’s the reality of lives these days. I wanted to get relief from these worldly affairs and relief from this hazy mental state, so I visited Kathmandu (Capital city of Nepal) for a solo trip. There I was mesmerized while visiting a popular Budhhist stupa, Boudhanath. It is surrounded with a brick wall of 147 inches, which has om mani padme hum mantra prayer engraved wheels placed on it.

Encounter with Prayer Wheels’/ Significance
Around the stupa, I saw old men and women walking around with prayer wheels in their right hand, turning it constantly and reciting mantras simultaneously. I was inquisitive, and a question popped in my mind “Why do people use prayer wheels for Dharma practices? I was myself quite ignorant when it came to spiritual instruments but just touching and turning the Dharma wheel gave me sense of soul purification.
Upon researching about it, I came to know that it had originated 1500 years ago. The notion of turning Dharma Wheel had come from Buddha’s teaching method. It is said that when a person spins the wheel, it has the same effect as reciting the mantra.
It is believed that practitioners gain wisdom, and are alleviated of negative Karma, as they progress towards a spiritual path while spinning Mani wheels.

  1. The World’s largest prayer wheel was set in Heyin Town, Guide County, Qinghai Province in China. The wheel weighs 200 tons (440, 92.45 lb) and it is recorded in Guinness World Record.
  2. A giant, beautifully hand-carved, wooden prayer wheel has appeared in the heart of Times Square, New York. It is a courtesy of Brooklyn-based artist duo FAILE.

Transformation caused by Prayer Wheel

  1. Prayer wheel has supernatural benefits too.  It can convert any home into a holy place.
  2. Spinning Dharma wheel helps to heal sickness and protect from contagious ailments.
  3. It protects and prevents harm from spirits, ghosts and negative beings.
  4. It acts as an antidote to war and fear in the world by radiating peace, kindness, and relief from suffering.

Master Padmasambhava (An 8th Century Indian Buddhist Master) also says, "The purposes of this wheel are as follows: Even those lacking perseverance in their practice, who pass their time passively, will be able to attain mystic powers by relying on the wheel, while those with perseverance will be helped in verbal recitation. Even enormously sinful actions can be purified effortlessly. By pronouncing and writing the mantra, one can purify all faults and attain all excellent qualities. By gathering under the shadow of the wheel, migratory beings with the eight fetters can be liberated. By mere contact with the four elements that have activated the wheel, one will be freed from lower rebirths. In short, all unwanted faults can be purified without any effort. Just contacting the wheel once can cause one to achieve liberation and all excellences effortlessly."

Recognition across the Globe
It is surprising to know that prayer wheel is used in many countries like USA, Germany, Tibet, India, etc. It is an interesting subject for many authors.  Some of the books listed are; The Prayer Wheel: A Daily Guide to Renewing Your Faith with a Rediscovered Spiritual Practice, Wheel of Great Compassion: The Practice of the Prayer Wheel in Tibetan Buddhism, Ma ni'i phan yon etc.  People who understand its significance use it while performing prayers in morning and also in the evenings to purify their body, speech and mind.

Prayer wheels are vital praying instruments that help to concentrate while chanting mantras. It can purify your mind and reduce mental stress.

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Tashi delek
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