Welcome to the "Felt-tastic Nepal" Quiz!

Let's test your knowledge about the fascinating world of felt and its connection to Nepal. Are you ready? Let's get started!

  1. What is felt? a) A type of fabric made from animal fur or hair b) A type of woven fabric with intricate patterns c) A type of synthetic textile used in outdoor gear d) A type of lightweight paper used in crafts

  2. Which animal's wool is commonly used to make felt in Nepal? a) Sheep b) Alpaca c) Rabbit d) Yak

  3. Which city in Nepal is renowned for its traditional felt-making craftsmanship? a) Kathmandu b) Pokhara c) Lalitpur d) Bhaktapur

  4. What is the traditional process of making felt called? a) Spinning b) Weaving c) Felting d) Stitching

  5. Felt balls from Nepal are often used for what purpose? a) Making jewelry b) Building sculptures c) Home decoration d) Creating pottery

  6. What are the tiny decorative elements often added to felt balls for additional flair? a) Tassels b) Sequins c) Beads d) Ribbons

  7. In Nepali culture, felt items like hats and slippers are often worn to protect against: a) Rain b) Snow c) Strong winds d) Earthquakes

  8. Felt-making is an essential part of which local festival in Nepal? a) Dashain b) Holi c) Teej d) Indra Jatra

  9. Which color is considered auspicious and commonly used in Nepali felt crafts? a) Black b) Green c) Blue d) Red

  10. Felt art and crafts from Nepal are popularly known for their: a) Modern and minimalist designs b) Vibrant colors and intricate patterns c) Use of synthetic materials d) Preference for symmetry over asymmetry


  1. a) A type of fabric made from animal fur or hair
  2. d) Yak
  3. c) Lalitpur
  4. c) Felting
  5. c) Home decoration
  6. c) Beads
  7. b) Snow
  8. d) Indra Jatra
  9. d) Red
  10. b) Vibrant colors and intricate patterns

How did you do? Whether you aced it or learned something new, I hope you enjoyed this "Felt-tastic Nepal" quiz! Felt from Nepal truly brings warmth, beauty, and culture to the world of textiles. Keep exploring and appreciating the wonders of this unique craft

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