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Resin Products and Resin Statues Handmade in Nepal

Resin is a clear or translucent, yellowish or brownish substance that oozes out from certain trees and plants. Resins are used in products such as varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, plastics, and drugs. It has the appearance of metal and the feel of wood. It is much lighter in weight than concrete or stone and offers heightened details.

Resin statues are comparatively new to the forum of statuary art. They are made from fibreglass resin, a resilient, durable, synthetic polymer. While casting, resin retains all the details of the original work better than other traditional forms while also offering superior durability. Besides that, resin sculptures weigh less than cast-stone statues and consequently cost less money to ship. These statues are also stronger than those prepared with other materials.

The resin is also suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Outdoor resin statues can be used as great decorative pieces. Another benefit of resin statues is the flexibility involved with regards to its finishing options. Resin statues can also be made to imitate the look of ancient stone, bronze, marble and even porcelain figures.

Although a statue cast in resin presents all of the aforementioned benefits, they can crack under extreme temperatures, most notably temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius. If the resin statue is placed outside, it needs to be brought in if the temperatures drop below freezing. On the whole, they will provide years and years of great decoration without a hitch with correct maintenance. There are resin Buddha statues, resin Hindu Gods statues and others that just depict regular people, like villagers. Whichever one you select, it is sure to be the perfect addition to any room. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted and made in Nepal.


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