Embark on a Journey of Serenity: Explore our Exquisite Singing Bowl Gift Sets, Perfect for Elevating Your Meditation Practice

Embark on a Journey of Serenity: Explore our Exquisite Singing Bowl Gift Sets, Perfect for Elevating Your Meditation Practice

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Each Singing Bowl Gift Set has been meticulously curated to bring you not just a product, but a holistic sensory experience. Let the gentle vibrations produced by our singing bowls resonate through your body, melting away stress and tension. Crafted with precision and care, these sets offer an immersive journey into mindfulness and meditation.

Can you gift a singing bowl ?

Authentic singing bowls serve a multitude of purposes. They are ideal as thoughtful yoga gifts for both men and women, cherished meditation gifts, meaningful spiritual presents, and can also enhance home decor and room ambiance.

Is bowl a good gift?

Bowls hold a special place in our hearts, often serving as cherished heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next. These vessels are central to numerous cultural celebrations, traditions, and rituals, which is why they make for truly meaningful gifts on various occasions.

Is it good to keep singing bowl at home? Singing bowls have a profound impact on dispelling negative energy, effectively warding off malevolent forces that may linger around your home. Their melodic resonance creates a soothing ambiance, drawing in a sense of calm and tranquility. This attribute is believed to invite well-being, good fortune, and positive energies into your lives. The melodic tones of a Singing Bowl have demonstrated their efficacy in alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression. The serene sounds they produce provide a momentary escape from the constant whirlwind of our thoughts. So, why not make it a daily practice?

Material Brass, Metal
Product Type Singing Bowl
Usage Meditation, mindfulness, stress relief, sound therapy
Brand Name Best Himalaya
MOQ 100
Size Customizable
Supply Ability 500 Piece/ Per Month
Payment Term L/C,T/T, Western Union, Money Gram,L/C,T/T, Western   Union, Money Gram



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How do I use a Singing Bowl?

>To use a Singing Bowl, gently strike the bowl or run the included mallet along its rim. This creates vibrations that produce the characteristic sound. Experiment with different techniques for varying tones.

What are the benefits of using a Singing Bowl?

>Singing Bowls are often used for meditation, relaxation, and sound therapy. The vibrations emitted by the bowl can promote stress reduction, relaxation, and a sense of inner peace.

How do I choose the right Singing Bowl for me?

> Consider factors like the size, material, and tone of the Singing Bowl. Experiment with different bowls to find one that  resonates with you and suits your intended use.

Are there different types of Singing Bowls?

> Yes, there are metal Singing Bowls and crystal Singing Bowls. Metal bowls produce a warm and rich tone

 Do you offer FREE samples?

> Sure we do but customer has to pay for the shipping fee for those samples.

 Do you work with Custom design 

 > Yes, we  work on custom design products as per customer requirements

What is the duration of your production time?

 > we take 2 to 3 weeks   for an order but it also depends on your quantity requirement .

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