All about the Unique Wool - Pashmina

All about the Unique Wool - Pashmina

One of the fine cashmere wool, Pashmina is also known as ‘Pashm’ comes from Kashmir as well as some parts of Nepal.  The word pashmina is been derived from the Persian word ‘Pashmineh’, that means made of pashm that is a wool in Persian. This name was given by the Iranians who came to Kashmir via Ladakh route.  The wool comes from a pashmina goat, a special breed to an indigenous goat that comes from high altitude regions of Nepal and India.

How Pashmina differ with other wools?

Pashmina is been derived from the mountain sheep. The main difference between the pashmina and other wool is the diameter of the fiber. The pashmina fibers are thinner and finer as compared to others and are therefore ideal for making lightweight apparels like pashmina shawl, pashmina full hand gloves, pashmina long & short scarf, pashmina sweater, and many more products.

How to Identity the Pashmina Product? Let’s consider if you are taking a pashmina shawl. It is important to know whether it is made up of pashmina. How will you identify with the product?

Here are some of the tests you can carry out to check with the authenticity of the product before you actually invest in the product.

  • Check the appearance of the shawl. The pashmina shall bear a matte appearance
  • The most important to check is the diameter. The authentic manufacturer will surely mention the diameters of the fiber as the best available are 14-15.5 microns. The lower the micron, the lighter & softer will be the product.
  • Pure Pashmina Shawl will be woven on a handloom. Hold the shawl against the light and you will see the irregular weave
  • One of the easiest ways is rubbing the stuff and you will know how pure it is. When you rub them it creates static electricity. When you rub, if you hear the spark acrylic & polyester is used and if it attracts tiny objects plastic is been used.
  • Other easiest possible thing to do – the pilling test. There is some pilling taken with the product. If the product is 100% fabric and you found a lot of pilling after you then you have chosen the right product else the product is fake
  • Check if anything is glued on the pashmina product. Glue does not stand for long on the pashmina product. So if there is any sticker on the product then it is a fake product.

How to Maintain the Pashmina Product?

If taken proper care, the pashmina products last for years. With each wash, it gets softer and more luxurious and should be preferably dry cleaned. It is good to wash it with the help of woolen fabric detergent. After washing, leave it on a flat surface to dry.

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