Applications of Singing Bowl for Different School & Classroom

Applications of Singing Bowl for Different School & Classroom

Tibetan Singing Bowls are also known as Himalayan Bowls used in different fields in various countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. having different applications. The bowls are been used in yoga, sound therapy, meditation as well as religious ceremonies.  As they emit pure tone closed to sine waves, they are recognized as a sound of purity to ears and having various health benefits like it promotes healing from stress disorders, depression, pain etc.

Singing Bowl for Meditation School-
Singing bowl is a beautiful tool used in meditation school to practice meditation. The tone generated with the help of bowls gives calm and peace to the mind. There are many people who know about singing bowl but are not aware of how to play the singing bowl for meditation. So here is the answer to the question:

How to play a singing bowl?
Firstly, select a place where there is no noise or disturbance around you. There is a mallet with the singing bowl. Press the mallet in a circular motion against the bowl’s edge or rim. Slow down the motion once you hear a clear, bright tone. Similarly, you can make the same circular motion outside the belly of the bowl. Do not just rotate your wrist; use your full arm to make the motion. This sound created helps to promote healing from stress disorders, depression, pain etc.

Singing Bowl Applications for Different Schools & Classrooms

Singing Bowl for Yoga School-
Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that creates a spirit and refinement of consciousness. There are different forms of yoga that work with the path of energy involving a deep listening of the body and its inner sound. They all aim at creating internal and external peace.

In yoga school, singing bowl is been used during yoga as the frequency of the tone calms the body and mind and also promotes a deep understanding of the asanas. While doing with the asan, our brainwaves synchronize to the frequency of the bowl giving a deep breath avoiding the stress and strain. The vibration created balances the hemisphere of the brain giving relaxation and peace to the body.

Singing Bowl for Sound Therapy-
Sound Therapy, a deeply relaxing treatment where healing of the mind and body takes place. Sound therapy is been carried out with the help of Tibetan singing bowl where the bowl is been placed on or around your body. Singing bowl when played creates a vibration that helps to shift stagnant energy in the body. The vibrations created helps to restore the vibratory rate of heart and respiratory system. There are number of problems that can be solved with the sound therapy like stress, pain, discomfort, tension and many more.

Singing Bowl for Healing Therapy –
Healing therapy helps in getting improved sleep, elimination of toxins, stimulates circulation, lower blood pressure and heart rate and many more health problems. When the mallet is been moved around the singing bowl, it resonates with the pure healing sound and creates a vibration. These vibrations oscillate with an energetically high frequency, like that of the “Om” mantra.

Singing bowls have an effect on brain wave frequencies that brings the brain into Theta state within few minutes as well as the vibrations provides with a cellular massage.

Singing Bowl for Reiki Practitioners –
Reiki is a healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Singing bowls play an important role in reiki. The sound generated by the singing bowl creates a movement that helps to loosen up emotional blocks, tight muscles and the constant chatters in the mind. The wavering sound of the bowl entrains the brainwaves and helps to calm the mind. Hence, the singing bowl stimulates a natural, healing response to the body

Singing Bowl for Schools-
There are different reasons singing bowls is been used in schools in a variety of ways. Singing bowls in schools or classrooms helps the students to focus, keep silence and also develops with better listening skills. Not only the schools, but there are also various institutes or organizations that have students facing Down syndrome, mental illness or any other mental problems where singing bowls are used.

Singing bowls resonate in a sweet and a non-threatening way giving a calm and soothing effect on children with mental illness. Studies show that our body is been composed of vibrating waves. The singing bowl entrains the brainwaves and then further enhances rest of the body. Hence, singing bowl when played gives a mental relaxation to children with mental illness.

Hence, singing bowls are used in different arenas having different benefits. To know more about singing bowl contact us today and get your singing bowl today.

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Veronica Sherwoood - Jan 15, 2019

Hi I am a teacher with 8yr olds, what can I use for singing bowls? there is no budget to buy actual ones. Also how do I learn to help them please

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