Sound Bowl (Singing Bowl) for Different Types of Meditation

Sound Bowl (Singing Bowl) for Different Types of Meditation

A Tibetan Singing Bowl can vibrate to produce a rich, soothing sound if struck in the right manner. It is also often referred to as a bell of some kind that helps to induce relaxation and have several healing properties. There are several applications for this instrument which has associations with Buddhism and dates back to 560 - 480 B.C.

This article goes on to describe different types of meditations inspired by a Singing Bowl and its various healing and curing effects. They are also known as Sound Bowls.

Meditations inspired by the Singing Bowl

Making use of music (sourced from various instruments) for the purpose of healing and expanding our consciousness with help of singing bowl is popular in Indian and Tibetan culture and is also widely used in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc.Several instruments of Tibetan culture help during this process of meditation and music therapy. Some of the more popular ones are Singing Bowl, Gongs and Bells.

  • Meditation to make you happy
It is safe to say that a Singing Bowl is a meditative instrument. Sound from this instrument helps you to just be yourself and attain a neutral state of mind. It also brings one closer to their soul, in a state of mental void and transforms them into a happier state of mind.
  • Meditation to clear your mind:
Morning activity or exercise is something many of us already do or is something that is recommended by most doctors. It is amazing how by spending approximately 10 minutes listening to the peaceful Tibetan Singing Bowl music one can find peace and calm. Starting off your day listening to this music and meditation can help clear your mind, allow you to focus, and bring clarity to matter at hand.
  • Meditative Relaxation (Savasana):
Listening to relaxing music of the Tibetan Singing Bowl while performing Yoga especially Savasana, can help achieve meditative relaxation.
  • Meditating using Sound Bowl for signals:
Mediation is more effective with gentle yet effective sounds to alert you any change in sessions. For example, there is a gentle strike of the Singing-Bowl to signify a start of a mediation session. There is also a strike to mark an end to a mediation session. This can be a single strike or multiple strikes and helps bring you back to the present. The correct method to use the striker is gently and just below the rim for optimal effect.
  • Meditation to cure anxiety (Sound Meditation):

Sound meditation has found to be quite effective; it is also known as the Sound bowl for Meditation. It is believed that anxiety and high tension increases the probability of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, mental issues, addictions, etc.   Sound meditation with singing bowl helps improve the mood, cure anxiety, pain, relives tension and aid spiritual well being.

Benefits of the Sound Bowl

Here is a list of benefits:

  • They can be useful for healing and meditation purposes and have been for centuries.
  • Their ability to create a wide range of sound helps restore the normal vibratory frequencies to the diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body and mind.
  • They generate a type of energy that stimulates healing and cures disorders with stress & depression.
  • It is not only the sound that is beneficial, the vibration it creates touches every part of one's physical being can heal at an emotional and spiritual level.
  • Many believe, it is aid in cure for cancer as well based on study and several surveys.

There are several benefits of using this instrument as per many scientific studies conducted and its history of use. It is also believed to provide pain relief, reduce stress and help in reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Thus a Singing Bowl is a very effective healer in many ways and an invaluable tool for meditation.

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