Best Himalaya brings to you, handcrafted exclusive treasures that are prepared with great precision, dedication and attention. Our goal is to promote Nepali handicrafts that meet the highest standardized benchmark of quality in the international arena. With this in mind, we have been manufacturing and exporting many local products such as Singing bowls, Tingsha Cymbals, Vajras, bells, statues, prayer flags along with crafts works like cotton clothing, hemp products, shawls, and pashminas, around the world.

We are the largest exporter and manufacturer of singing bowls in Nepal and have over 9 years of experience in manufacturing them. Our singing bowls reflect the creativity, hard work, struggle, and passion of our dedicated craftsmen. Most of our artisans and craftsmen are women from remote parts of Nepal. They work together with our experts to bring artistic works of art to life. With our initiative to empower and help women, we have been able to provide employment security to many rural homes and promote Nepali skills and techniques.

When you acknowledge that it has been made by hands and not by machines, you realize every piece of the Singing bowl is a masterpiece.

We are a wholesale & manufacturing company and an exporter too. We believe in fair trade and our business is based on trust. We encourage feedback from our customers and our products come with full guarantee/warranty. We aim to satisfy our customers and bridge the gap between them and our producers by delivering products straight from the source.

To ensure the very best from our side we rely on a competent team who handle the proper inspection and packaging of every item. They are trained to provide our clients with prompt communication and information service and most importantly, they guarantee a timely delivery.



20 years ago, during the times of our grandfathers and fathers', business was carried out in a traditional manner. It was the "generation of letters" as my father likes to call it. Back then, if any foreign company wanted to do business with a company in Nepal, there would be a series of conversation via letters that extended to weeks or months. The next stage would involve the interested foreign company to visit Nepal and meet the people behind the letters for real. After much discussion, selection and trust building the transaction would be complete.  
Time changed and the technology too. Next came the "generation of telephones". Every nook and corner had some "telephone booths" which was used to make ISTD calls. The first step in this generation was to exchange calls and discuss business. However, the second stage was still the same. The buyers would yet again travel all the way to Nepal to 'see things' first hand before finalizing the transaction. Even today, if the same product is being sold from Europe people aren’t skeptical but when it comes to Nepal, they still fly all the way here. 
Mobile phones, internet, smartphones, and computers completely changed the scope of business and opened new doors of opportunities and prospects as the world united into a global village. However, people still have little confidence when it comes to working with a company based in Nepal.  



When a company has to fly here for any kind of transaction they have to spend on airfare, travel expenses also their valuable time and energy are lost. 
Our vision is to be able to save your time, energy and resources and provide you with a trustworthy affirmation, that you can count on! We want to deliver exquisite handmade products around the globe at a reasonable price while also giving recognition and special benefits to our local craftsmen. Our vision is to defy the general idea that companies based in Nepal cannot offer the same quality of goods and services as companies that are based abroad. 
We don’t believe in doing business the same way it was done 20 years ago, we want to evolve, adapt and improvise it with time. 





 According to the census report 2011 the urban population constitutes 17 % of the total population, the other remaining 83% of the people are still in the rural and remote parts of Nepal. The report also shows that the unemployment Rate has increased to 3.20 percent in 2016 from 3 percent in 2015. 

Our Mission is to address this issue by operating a profit oriented sustainable social business that supports the growth of the people in the rural areas. We are training, empowering and employing women from various remote parts of Nepal to help them improve their living standard and provide them with financial freedom. 

Our mission is guided by our belief that art is best created by hand. We want to promote handmade products that have intricate details, which reflect our cultural values and significance.  



"The House of Handmade": Every product in our varied collection of commercially produced items is handcrafted with traditional tools and techniques. The intimacy of the craftsmen that goes into its making makes it more culturally and symbolically meaningful.



  • Private labelling, bar code, sticker printing and cardboard box packing.
  • Reliable communication.
  • Processing of bulk orders all around the year.
  • High quality exquisite range of products.
  • Drop shipping.
  • Customization of products. You can add your own logos, or special designs.
  • Free product information session regarding Nepali Tibetan product for interested new buyers via Skype (appointment required)
  • Guaranteed exchange, refund and return, in case of dissatisfaction.

Best Himalaya