Can you show me some DIY projects with felt balls ?

Can you show me some DIY projects with felt balls ?
  1. Felt Ball Garland:

    • String colorful felt balls onto a piece of twine or ribbon to create a festive garland. Hang it on your wall, fireplace, or even as a decoration for parties.
  2. Felt Ball Coasters:

    • Glue or stitch together multiple felt balls to make round coasters. They'll add a pop of color to your table and protect surfaces from heat and moisture.
  3. Felt Ball Jewelry:

    • Attach felt balls to earring hooks or a necklace chain for unique and lightweight jewelry pieces.
  4. Felt Ball Keychains:

    • Thread a felt ball onto a keyring and add a small tassel or charms for a personalized and functional accessory.
  5. Felt Ball Wreath:

    • Glue a bunch of felt balls onto a foam wreath base for a charming and seasonal door decoration.
  6. Felt Ball Rug or Mat:

    • Sew or glue felt balls onto a rug or a piece of fabric to create a colorful and textured floor covering.
  7. Felt Ball Mobile:

    • Hang felt balls at varying lengths from a circular frame to make a delightful mobile for a nursery or playroom.
  8. Felt Ball Cat Toy:

    • Stitch a few felt balls together and attach them to a string or stick to create a playful toy for your feline friend.
  9. Felt Ball Napkin Rings:

    • Slide felt balls onto napkin rings for a charming addition to your table settings during special occasions or gatherings.
  10. Felt Ball Bookmark:

    • Glue a felt ball to the end of a ribbon or a piece of cardstock to make a cute and functional bookmark.

These DIY projects are a fun and creative way to use felt balls to add color and charm to your home decor, accessories, and gifts. Enjoy crafting!