Singing Bowl- Sounds Enticing! What is this?

Singing Bowl- Sounds Enticing! What is this?

Singing bowls are Buddhist spiritual products which they used as therapeutic remedies in ancient times and still continue to be used in various cultures and countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. These are believed to have meditation and relaxation effects.

Music is regarded as having healing effects for stress and other health problems. These Tibetan bowls generate music and so is a part of sound therapy technique.

Yes, you heard it right! When you play them by hitting or rubbing a mallet around their rim, they make a sound. This is why they are called singing bowls. This sound is a result of multi-phonic amplification of multiple harmonic overtones.

Sometimes, a leather rosewood mallet accompanies the bowl along with a cushion. The cushion is for safely and conveniently storing the bowl.

Benefits of Singing Bowls

As mentioned earlier, these are used in alternative therapeutic procedures as they are believed to contribute in the following ways:

  • Physical Healing
The healing singing bowls are believed to activate the human immune system by inducing self-healing. They say that these bowls aid in detoxification to the deep levels like cell and bones.

It alleviates headaches, reduces fatigues and helps get rid of insomnia by triggering deeper sleep.

When there is so much physical relaxation, digestive issues are solved naturally. It causes the balancing of blood pressure and managing anger as well.

  • Psychological Effects
It triggers the release of endorphin which helps in stress reduction. Over a longer term, it can even liberate the subconscious from emotional trauma. 
  • Positive Energy Generation
With so much negativity that our life keeps adding each day, who would not crave for some positive energy?

Singing bowls are believed to have aura harmonizing effect and aid in balancing the body chakras.  These also influence the acupuncture meridians.

The Singing Bowls Collection

Everyone has a different preference. And the best part is that these bowls are available in varied types, each matching with a different need.

Here’s a summary of the types that you can choose yours from.

  • Size Variety
Singing bowls are available in different sizes. The small and medium bowls can be bought specifically as per your needs. These are designed with beautiful religious carvings such as “Om” & mantras which add to the spiritual feeling.
  • Chakra
This bowl has a chakra with mantras on the outer walls. A chakra represents one of the eight auspicious Asthamangala symbols. As a representation of the 7 chakras of the human body, these are made from seven traditional metals like copper, brass, mercury, silver, nickel, zinc, and gold.
  • Antique Look
So many of us love antique products. And these are lovely antique items that add to your rich home decor collection.
  • Healing
Well, these are specific ones for vibration-therapy techniques. These are used for sound healing therapies based on the vibrations of resonating objects.


With the present hectic lifestyles, we are losing our health and mental peace to our ambitions and commitments. Thus, alternative relaxation techniques are very popular these days. These are simple, soothing ways to add quality to ones living.

Health benefits, emotional healing, spiritual aid and aesthetically pleasing, Tibetan Singing Bowls are a bunch of benefits in a little package.

Too amazing to ignore, isn't it?

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