Proven Best Healing Properties of High Quality Nepal Singing Bowl

Proven Best Healing Properties of High Quality Nepal Singing Bowl

A Singing Bowl has been around since a long time and is also referred to as a meditation bowl, prayer bowl, yoga bowl, resting bowl, standing bowl etc. It has an immediate centering effect which tends to create mind balancing & brain synchronization.

There are many types of singing Bowls like:

  • Handmade singing-bowl
  • Machine made singing-bowls
  • Crystal singing-bowls
  • Antique singing-bowls
  • Chakra singing bowls
Some of these bowls are especially handy for meditation while others to store grains, play music, or just as an antique. This article goes on to explain what a singing bowl is and how it has a healing effect to cure several diseases.

What is a Singing Bowl?

As per Tibetan tradition singing bowls are date back to 560 - 480 B.C.and also has its variety of applications in different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany and many more. The significance of a singing-bowl is that it produces sounds that invoke a deep state of relaxation. This helps with the process of meditation and enlightenment.

This has attracted Metallurgy analysis from various sources and all have different results. However, as per the one from Concordia University in Quebec it contains eight metal alloys of copper, tin, iron, lead, zinc, gold, silver, mercury and more.

Singing Bowl for Yoga School

Health benefits of using a Singing Bowl

There are several benefits of using Nepal singing bowl. Historically, it was popular for meditation and still is to some extent. Here is the list of benefits of using a singing-bowl:

  • It helps with deep relaxation:
The wonderful tone of the singing bowl and the vibration makes one self conscious about their breathing and makes them feel more relaxed. This is the perfect combination (calming sound and deep breathing) to help release tension and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. The best way to achieve this is to strike the singing-bowl with a wooden mallet while it is held in your palm.
  • Stress reduction & lowering anxiety:
Hypnotic sounds tend to clear mind of all stress and anxiety. The singing-bowl has the ability to create a hypnotic sound since the resonance of the singing-bowl helps synchronize brain waves. This also enables one to achieve a peaceful meditative state. Some also believe the beautiful sound of striking the bowl a couple of times clears it of any negative energy.
  • Chakra balancing:
It is a general Indian belief that the blocking of chakras are to blame for physical dysfunction of any kind. It is thus necessary to balance the chakras which are possible by the harmonic overtones produced with the help of a singing-bowl. The belief goes that the frequency of singing-bowl has an ability to travel from chakra to chakra, adjusting & balancing the sine waves in the process.
  • Stimulate immune system:
Stimulating the immune system is simpler with the help of vibrations from a singing-bowl. It helps vibrate the body thus restoring balance and flow of energy throughout the body. However, it is essential to play a singing-bowl in the correct manner, which is the clockwise direction. The reason being that all energy in the human body also flows in a clockwise direction.
  • Reduces blood pressure:
Sound from a singing bowl is the best method to reduce brain activity and slow down respiration and heart rate. This is effective in reducing blood pressure and helping one achieve normal blood pressure.

There are several other healing benefits of a Nepal singing-bowl like holistic healing, reiki, lower anger, provides a pain relief, promotes better mental and emotional clarity while also promoting well being and happiness.

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