Understanding Medicinal Uses of Singing Bowl

Understanding Medicinal Uses of Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls have been in use for healing and spiritual transformation since centuries. These practices are generally found in the Tibetan regions of Nepal and China. One known fact about these bowls is that using it increases positive vibrations in the body.

Physical matter is made up of vibrations with different frequencies oscillating together to create one harmonious balance. Studies have shown that our body feels and syncs with specific vibration types. When any of the vibratory sync is out of order, we become prone to diseases and illness. Singing bowl has been popularly used to create real positivity by bringing back balance to these vibrations. However, singing bowls have not just been used for healing and creating positive energies, they have also been used for various other medicinal purposes. There are varied types of singing bowls and each type of bowl has been used differently as they have different medicinal properties.

Singing Bowls with Medicinal Properties-

Manipuri: This type of bowlcommonly usedand is usually smaller in size. It is generally used in healing sessions over the heart chakra.It produces a high octave. During a healing session, the bowls are placed around the body at chakra points. The bowl will be held and passed along the length of the body. This will help it to release the energy blockages and relax the nervous system.

Jambati:It is the heaviest and the most beautiful bowl among the singing bowl family. Jambati bowls have rounded bottoms and are known for its high curving sides. It comes from eastern Tibet. They produce vibrations between the second and third octave and are generally used in healing processes. These bowls have hammer markings arising from the forging process.

Lingam:This is the oldest and rarest among all the singing bowls. Lingam bowls have amazing and fantastic purity of sound because of which it is used for meditation, healing and relaxation. Some of its medicinal uses includes curing challenging sleep disturbances and reducing stress levels and anxiety. Lingam singing bowls can realign the chakras and cleanse negative energy.

Ultabati: This is impressively large, capacious and caldron-like. This Ultabati bowls are characterized by its stunning good look and high vibrant energy. The bowl is used to produce the low humming OM sound with a little water inside. This will make vibrant surface patterns and will produce spectacular fountains too. Apart from the creation of the humming sound, it is also used for storage, during ceremonies and for rituals or musical purposes.

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